“Upgrade” 3 leather s-hooks
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“Upgrade” 3 leather s-hooks

Leather s-hooks

Upgrade your s-hooks to this luxurious version in solid steel covered by hand stitched rich leather that will only grown more beautiful over the years.

Use our s-hooks to hang coats, towels, dish towels or what you may wish. Being covered by leather, our upgrade s-hooks have the advantage of not making any noise or scratches – and being wonderfully soft to touch.

Sold with 3 s-hooks in one package

Name: Upgrade
Leather: Natural or black
Size: 12 cm

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Add more clothes rack
Clothes rack. hanger, entry, hanger, hook
Add more clothes rack

Clothes rack

Beautiful and minimalistic clothes rack with room for 2-3 hangers or S-hooks. Add More is perfect for a small entrance hall, but also brilliant in the bedroom as an alternative to placing your clothes on a chair.

Add More is made of untreated oak, black or smoked oak and steel coated in a white, black, crome or brass color. Screws for mounting Add More are supplied in the same color – but depending on the type of wall you wish to mount it on, you may need plugs.

Produced and designed in Europe.

Protrudes 22 cm from the wall.

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Leather coat hook
læderknage leatherhook nordic function dansk design
Leather coat hook

Make your entrance hall more exclusive with these beautiful leather coat hooks crafted in rich natural leather  on a steel base with visible stitching. Suitable for both entrance hall and bedroom.

The coat hook comes with black screws if ordered in black leather, and with brass screws for the natural and cognac colored ones.

Depending on the type of walls, there may be a need for wall plugs (not included).


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træknage med læderrem hook with leatherstrop
Wooden hook with leather strap
More hook

More hook – wooden hook with a leather strap.

More hook is an elegant hook crafted in oak with a small groove at the end to prevent clothes from slipping off. It has a leather strap mounted, which is perfect for a hanger or two.

More hook looks beautiful both on its own and placed next to a number of other More hooks. Easy to mount with the screws supplied – depending on the type of wall you wish to mount it on, you may need plugs.

If you have two hooks and a round stick you can also use it as a coat rack or in the kitchen for pots or towels – or as a holder for paper towels.

Buy 2 and get a discount.

Name: More hook
Wood: Oak (untreated). Black oak
Leather: Natural or black
Dimension: Diameter 20mm. Strap length10 cm. Protrudes 5,5 cm from the wall

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Round stick – Hook to hang
Round stick – Hook to hang
Round stick – Hook to hang

Smart rack for the kitchen, entrance, bedroom, bathroom – use it where you have the need as it fits in all room.

Buy 2 “HooktoHang” and the round stick and you have a beautiful and simple rack. Here it is showed with the leather s-hooks Upgrade.

When you don’t have a need for the rack more you can use the hooks individual as ordinary hooks, where you also can have a hanger in.

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Nordic Function hook rack s-hook keyholder
Knagerække, knager
SIMPLY4 Hook & hangers

Turn your SIMPLY4 into a clothes rack

We like our products to be versatile! Our newest addition to the Nordic Function product family is therefore a Simply4 version for hooks and hangers. The compact shape is suitable for a small entrance hall, or a small nook of the kitchen, but you can of course mount several Simply4’s next to each other for a well-defined hanging area characterized by elegant, sharp and sophisticated Scandinavian style.

Once mounted, you can enjoy the beautiful contrast between the clean lines of the steel and the curvy soft shapes of Upgrade S-hooks and/or hangers.

The metal base – Simply4 Basic (bought separately) is held by soft leather straps in the same white color. Screws are supplied, but you may need wall plugs depending on the type of wall, you wish to hang it on.

This kit for turning your Simply4 into the version for hooks and hangers comes with a small magnet too – suitable for keys, or smaller kitchen tools in steel.

Size: 220 x 50 x 30 mm. (protrudes 30 mm. from the wall).

Please note, that our Upgrade S-hooks or 4Keys keychains are bought separately.

Should you wish to convert your Simply4 for hooks and hangers to a vase, a holder for your favorite spices or a candlestick, it is possible to purchase vases/spice glasses or holders for candles separately in our webshop. If you already own a vase/candlestick – you just need the straps and screws to convert your Simply4 to a new function.

Our love for designing multi-purpose items comes from a desire to give you design that will last a lifetime – crafted in materials which will only grow more beautiful and soulful by the years. Our stylish minimalistic design can easily outlive fleeting trends, and as products can be converted from one function to another, we hope to contribute to creating sustainable interior decorating.

Please note: SIMPLY4 Basic (the metal base) is purchased separately – buy it here

Navn: SIMPLY Hooks & hangers
Colour: White leather
Material: White leather straps, screws and a magnet
Dimension:14x10x 2,5 mm

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