Multi-functional product

SIMPLY4 basic is a multi-functional product easily turned into a beautiful vase, a spice rack or a clothes rack. It is a product that can be used throughout the year for multiple purposes.

SIMPLY4 offers a pleasant atmosphere of cosyness and tranquility, while also oozing Scandinavian minimalism and stylishness.

SIMPLY4 is made of metal, and the small leather strap on the side is a nice extra detail, which gives the clean lines a softness and contrast between the materials.

When using SIMPLY4 as a vase, you invite nature inside – and by using it as a spice rack, you will have the inspiration for your favorite meals right at hand. And should you need a small and well-defined clothes rack, you can easily convert your SIMPLY4 to that too.

The possibilities are many and the product can be adapted to your style and needs.

OBS: When buying SIMPLY4 basic you get the holder and the leather strap on the side. Glass vases, spice glasses with a cork stopper and leather straps to convert it into a clothes rack are available separately.

The pictures are for inspiration

Name: SIMPLY4 Basic
Colour: White
Material: White metal base with a leather strap
Dimension: 220x50x30 mm

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vase, reagensglas ø15x100, glas, blomster

Vases for SIMPLY4

You can use SIMPLY4 basic as a vase with a number of beautiful small plants or flowers in. This kit gives you two vases – buy two, to have vases for all of SIMPLY4. The vases allow you to give each small plant its own attention.

You can also grow cuttings of your favorite plant – and follow the process. A fun project for children and adults – invite nature inside.

Your SIMPLY4 can also be converted into a spice rack (SIMPLY4 Spices) or a clothes rack (SIMPLY4 Hooks and hangers).

SIMPLY4 basic (the metal-holder for the glasses) is bought separately – buy it here.

Name: SIMPLY4 vase2 (2pcs)
Colour: Transperent
Material: Glass
Dimension: 25x100mm

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