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HangON leather straps

HangON leather straps

With HangON leather straps you can create your own type of hanging area in a stylish, minimalistic Scandinavian design. HangON can be used as a simple hook to hang s-hooks or hangers in, or it can be used as base for one of our luxurious round sticks in oak. The leather quality is thick and delicious with raw, but rounded edges.

HangON is available in natural and black leather and are is sold in packs of two. The straps in natural leather are sold with brass mounting screws, while the black leather straps are sold with black screws.

About our products

Our leather goods are produced in a rich, luxurious quality. Due to their size, the leather pieces for our products can be cut during the production of larger leather goods. This allows us to use every piece of leather optimally.

All products are designed in Denmark – and the leather straps are produced in Europe.

Dimensions: The strap is 10 cm. long (the full length of the leather is 20 cm.) and 2 cm wide.

Take a look at our other hooks, clothes racks, round sticks and s-hooks in our webshop here

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Nordic Function Simply4 vase og lysestage i et hvid metal med to lys og to cylindervaser vase and candlestick multifunctional product in Nordic design
Nordic Function Simply4 vase lysestage krydderiholder knagerække hvid

Multi-functional product

SIMPLY4 basic is a multi-functional product easily turned into a beautiful vase, a spice rack or a clothes rack. It is a product that can be used throughout the year for multiple purposes.

SIMPLY4 offers a pleasant atmosphere of cosyness and tranquility, while also oozing Scandinavian minimalism and stylishness.

SIMPLY4 is made of metal, and the small leather strap on the side is a nice extra detail, which gives the clean lines a softness and contrast between the materials.

When using SIMPLY4 as a vase, you invite nature inside – and by using it as a spice rack, you will have the inspiration for your favorite meals right at hand. And should you need a small and well-defined clothes rack, you can easily convert your SIMPLY4 to that too.

The possibilities are many and the product can be adapted to your style and needs – take a look at the options at our web shop https://nordicfunction.com/shop/

OBS: When buying SIMPLY4 basic you get the holder and the leather strap on the side. Glass vases, spice glasses with a cork stopper and leather straps to convert it into a clothes rack are available separately.

The pictures are for inspiration

Our products

Our love for designing multi-purpose items comes from a desire to give you design that will last a lifetime – crafted in materials which will only grow more beautiful and soulful by the years. Our stylish minimalistic design can easily outlive fleeting trends. And as products can be converted from one function to another, we hope to contribute to creating sustainable interior decorating.

All products are designed in Denmark.

Name: SIMPLY4 Basic
Color: White
Material: White metal base with a leather strap
Dimension: 220x50x30 mm

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