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4Keys – Keyholder

4Keys Key-holder

Luxurious and simple key-holder in leather gathered by an elegant chrome screw.The key holder will keep your keys gathered and make them look elegant.

The keys can be stored under the leather strap, so the key bundle is comfortable to hold. Available in natural or black leather.

The key holder works brilliantly with SIMPLY4 Hooks and hangers, where it can be attached to the side of the clothes rack on it’s small magnet. Allows you to have easy access to your keys, whether you are going out – or coming home. Find SIMPLY4 in our web shop here

There is room for approx. 4-5 keys in the key holder.

Great gift idea at an attractive price!

Our products

Our leather products are made by left-over material from the production of larger leather items. The material used for our leather designs would normally be discarded – but we love to make every little bit count.

All products are designed in Denmark.




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vase, reagensglas ø15x100, glas, blomster

Vases for SIMPLY4

You can use SIMPLY4 basic as a vase with a number of beautiful small plants or flowers in. This kit gives you two beautiful glass cylinders – buy two kits, to have vases for all of SIMPLY4. The vases allow you to give each small plant its own attention. So invite nature inside with SIMPLY4 and enjoy the sleek Scandinavian design combined with the warmth of beautiful flowers, sprouts or dried plants.

You can also grow cuttings of your favorite plant – and follow the process. A fun project for children and adults, and a wonderful way to share your favorite plants, as they are easily moved from the cylinders to a flower pot. Ready to give away to family and friends.

Other options

Your SIMPLY4 can also be converted into a spice rack (SIMPLY4 Spices) or a clothes rack (SIMPLY4 Hooks and hangers).

SIMPLY4 basic (the metal-holder for the glasses) is bought separately – buy it here.

Our love for designing multi-purpose items comes from a desire to give you design that will last a lifetime – crafted in materials which will only grow more beautiful and soulful by the years. Our stylish minimalistic design can easily outlive fleeting trends. And as products can be converted from one function to another, we hope to contribute to creating sustainable interior decorating.

All products are designed in Denmark.

Name: SIMPLY4 vase2 (2pcs)
Color: Transparent
Material: Glass
Dimension: 25x100mm

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