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3Hooks 3-in-1 hook


3Hooks 3-in-1 hook is a re-interpretation of the classic swing hooks. On this hook, you can hang many items in a limited space. The three ‘arms’ can turn to any side, you may wish. Each ‘arm’ has two milled grooves. They allow you to easily separate all items hanging on the hook. At the same time they ensure that nothing falls off. The oak ‘arms’ of the hook are all slightly rounded at the end.

Our 3Hooks 3-in-1 hook is fabulous for places, where your storage need varies. If you occasionally do not need to hang anything on the hook, you can turn the three ‘arms’ completely to one side. As a consequence, the hook appears completely ‘flat’, which minimizes the occupied space.

The 3Hooks hook is the obvious choice for many places. You can hang tea towels in the kitchen. Or towels in the bathroom instead. Or you can choose to hang clothes in a smaller entrance hall or behind a door, where you have limited space available for storage.

The beautiful 3Hooks 3-in-1 hook is crafted in oak. The oak is mounted on a base made in powder coated steel. You can purchase it in oak/white powder coated metal or black stained oak/black powder coated metal. You can of course change parts of the hook (the oak parts). Thereby you can change the appearance of the hook to suit changes in your interior decoration.

We supply screws for the hook in a color matching the metal base. You may need plugs (are not included), depending on the type of wall, you wish to mount 3Hooks on.

Our products

All our wood products are crafted in PEFC certified wood from state forests.

All products are designed in Denmark and the 3Hooks is produced in Europe.

Did you know that we design many other types of hooks, coat racks, hangers and storage options? You can read more about them here

Name: 3Hooks
Wood: Oak, black stained oak
Metal: White, black
Dimensions: 7,5 in height, protrudes 12 cm from the wall

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