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Outlet leather coat hook


Outlet leather coat hook

When you sell beautiful quality design in natural materials, with hand stitching, you will sometimes have products with minor flaws. Here you have the opportunity to buy outlet hooks with minor flaws at a really good price.

We always want to give you the best of the best. But like we humans can have our small but charming quirks, our designs can too. We believe that you can enjoy our designs, even when they are only ‘almost perfect’. Especially if you can buy them at a really good price. Our outlet designs are still beautiful, very functional and in luxurious quality materials. When you buy them, you help us protect the environment – so that the ‘almost-perfect’ designs come into use, instead of being discarded.

Outlet leather coat hooks

Give your entrance hall a more exclusive look with these beautiful hooks crafted in steel covered with rich natural leather with beautiful hand stitching along the edges. As the hooks are outlet goods with minor flaws, you should expect the hand stitching to be a bit uneven. Or that the holes for hanging are not completely symmetrical, if you buy multiple hooks. The steel base may also vary a bit in the curve, it is bent into. If you buy more than one hook, we will of course always try to send you hooks that will match each other (you can see examples of the outlet hooks on the small product pictures).

The outlet leather coat hooks are ‘almost perfect’ – even with their tiny flaws, they are still absolutely beautiful – and the rich, soft leather will only grow more soulful over time. The contrast between the warmth of the leather and the minimalist design provides the hooks with a subtle elegance. The stylish hooks are perfect for your entrance hall as well as your bedroom. They look beautiful both hanging next to each other, or just one alone.

The leather coat hooks are mounted with screws. We provide black screws for the black hooks and brass screws for the natural leather colored hooks. Depending on the type of wall,you wish to hang the hook on, you may need plugs (not supplied).

Our products

Our leather goods are produced in a rich, luxurious quality. Due to their size, the leather pieces for our products can be cut during the production of larger leather goods. This allows us to use every piece of leather optimally.

All products are designed in Denmark.

Are you looking for other designs for your bedroom or your entrance hall? Take a look at the other coat racks and hooks on our webpage at https://nordicfunction.com/shop/

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